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How a compliant Tax App has benefitted hundreds of accountancy firms and why they love it!

It’s a lovely App – much nicer than carrying a business card. I was with a group of business people recently, they were all handing out business cards and I said, “well, I’ve got an App actually – and they all looked impressed!” It’s easy to find on the Playstore & easy to download there & then. You could be sitting with a client and you can just get the App out if you need to access any information. It’s easy to use. With business cards people will file them away in a drawer, if they’re organised, but everyone carries their phone around and so they have access to your details on the App instantly.

Stephanie Fitzpatrick-Corkin

Sole Trader

I would like to personally thank you for spending almost 3hrs with me on the phone today exploring, explaining, and overview nothing short of every aspect of both the dashboard as well as the App itself. We have undergone many technology upgrades lately and it is great to know that we have a strong, knowledgeable, and easily approachable support base that has given us the added confidence we needed with this project.

Mark Carbone

Tilenni Stiles

The professionalism of the work you’ve done is astonishing. Everyone has been positive about you. Your patience dealing with people is astonishing. I admire how you do this to no end. It’s so kind to take the time to talk about using push – now I understand what it is, your product knowledge is superb. I appreciate the customer care – we feel really comfortable with the care you guys put in.

Roger Wilson

Casterbridge Hardy

Steffan and his team design our app based on a logo we had and after helping and supporting us and amending the app icon a few times to fit our needs we were very pleased with the outcome and looking forward to see the final app launched to show our customers and potential customers for the future and would like to thank My Firms App for all their guidance and support and would recommend them anytime.

Tony Jackson

Barry Summers & Co Limited

I love it. The App works really well for us. It’s great to show clients – it has a whole host of tools for them to access straight away, and they don’t have to keep asking us all the time. It’s also always kept up-to-date with tax calculations. I find the App is a handy tool internally as well; whether we’re out and about seeing a client or demonstrating it, it saves us having to bring up different software. We also use it to drive traffic to the website and social media channels. MyFirmsApp have always been very helpful when we’ve needed support with the App.

Stephanie Rickaby

Sunflower Accounts

Refreshingly Excellent

Wendi Hall

NCH Tax & Wealth Advisors

We have been using it for about a year now The Receipt Manager is the most used page and we also promote it regularly in our e-newsletter and the articles about it are consistently opened and read. I personally love it. It’s such a unique talking point. When I tell someone we have an app, they’re always very impressed and think it’s exceptionally cutting edge.

Stephanie Chapa

Wiebe Hinton Hambalek, LLP

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is dealing with everyone at MyFirmsApp; you are all so helpful and cheerful!

Clare Mulle

Sovereign Asset Management Ltd

I was very impressed with the work and support from Steffan from the design team at MyFirmsApp. The process and communication was smooth, even with the challenge of working across different time zones, the time difference actually helped minimized delays. I would submit my revisions so he would have them at the start of the next work day and minimize losing time. Steffan did a great job in aligning the app design with the company’s branding to have brand consistency. Thank you for all the quality and timely design work! Great service all around!

Doris Hernandez

Business Efficiency Consulting

I love the new design of my App. The updates I had asked for were applied very quickly AND the design included some great things I hadn’t even thought to ask for! Excellent service.

George Lillie

AJM Accountants

What the team at MyFirmsApp have produced is, in my view, one of the most exciting products I have seen for accountants in many years. It enables firms to innovate, stand out and differentiate themselves at remarkably low cost. Once deployed via the appropriate Apple and Android stores the App provides a remarkable client engagement tool capable of saving hours of time. Its also an active prospecting tool, helping accountancy firms to win quality new customers.

Mark Lloydbottom

Practice Management Consulting

I have sent the app to a few friends as Guinea pigs who love it and think it is not what they would expect from their accountants!!

Philip Munk

TWP Accounting LLP

We subscribed to MyFirmsApp after being impressed at Accountex 2015. The implementation was smooth and the functionality has raised our profile with clients, providing them with useful tools to enhance decision making and controls

Stephen Farra

Stephen Farra Associates